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My painting practice is rooted in the landscape tradition and has grown out of my ongoing interest in city spaces, objects and signs.

With my canvases of loose and playful gestures, drips and stripey smears of layered and interlocked paint, I am concerned with inventing new spaces that reflect a more personal and transcendental state of mind, a painted world that may be fun to literally walk around in. Working intuitively in quick-drying acrylic, spray paint and crayon I work with a sense of urgency which resists overthinking and allows for spontaneous changes.

Each painting is a conversation between me and the evolving painting. The delight of colour and mark thrills me; the unexpected surprise of what happens after the first brushstroke is made. I’m on the look out as I engage with the surface for those little moments of exhilaration. I take part in a sort of free association game, collaging fragments from both the urban landscape and my internal landscape as markers to punctuate the canvas field.

While the painting is an arena for action there is a constant shifting between chance and control. It is this experience of the process of a painting that I wish to share with the viewer.

Upcoming exhibitions:
Show closes at 1pm this Saturday 27 October

Work currently on display:
    Infinart, Wynberg, Cape Town 021 761 2816 www.infinart.co.za

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