Vessels holding brushmarks
Vessels holding brushmarks (2011)


I make large-scale abstract paintings of invented spaces. My paintings are rooted in the landscape tradition and have grown out of my ongoing interest in city streets and the people that move through them. What are the social and personal implications of living and working in this context? How and where do the external and internal spaces intersect and what do we understand from this?

In the studio I work on many surfaces at once and move between them with a fluid and impulse driven approach. Working in acrylic paint, wax pastel and spray paint on magazine pages, paper and canvas, I draw on my visual references of street minutiae. I combine these with contour drawings of junk shop objects and fashion and interior image fragments. I layer, collage and clump together many disparate elements finding many new visual delights.

I add to my visual lexicon on morning runs and on the drive between my studio and home. More recently my focus has shifted to include the domestic interior as a quietly emotive setting for the routines of family life. I’m on the lookout for a poignancy or overlooked moment of beauty; our human imprint within the spaces that we inhabit.

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