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My studio practice is centered around experimentation and the invention of spaces. In the studio I make, test, play and push around materials, colour and forms. All these collages, 3-d objects and scraps of studio detritus along with numerous images of fashion, interiors and art end up scattered on the studio floor. I look to these images and non-images to trigger chance happenings in my paintings. As I paint I deliberately make a mess and then try and fix it.


Upcoming exhibitions:
Summertide 1 December 2019 - 31 January 2020 RK Contemporary 32 Main Street Riebeek Kasteel

+27 (0)83 653 3697

Work currently on display:
    Worldart www.worldart.co.za +27 21 423 3075 Everard Read Cape Town www.everard-read-capetown.co.za +27 21 418 4527

    Kalk Bay Modern +27 21 788 6571

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